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Hans Mattis Teutsch, the painter of anthropomorphic trees and spiritual flowers

The protagonists of this tale-like story are two: Hans Mattis Teutsch, the painter, sculptor, graphic artist and poet born in Brassó (a town in former Hungary, today in Romania), and Lajos Kassák, the self-made writer, painter, editor, founder of several art-periodicals, the one who immediately recognized the talent of Mattis Teutsch in 1917. So much so that Mattis Teutsch became the most frequently published painter in Kassák’s periodical Ma (the Hungarian word in English: Today), and he was given the first exhibition in the periodical’s opening gallery. These possibilities and the confidence gave wings to the painter. During the next 10 years he made a long series of outstanding paintings, statues and grapchic works, the most importants being the anthropomorphic trees of 1917 and the spritual flowers in the period of 1922-23.

We can legitimately assume that the oeuvre of Mattis Teutsch could hardly have been born without the recognition and confidence by Kassák. Their contacts broke during the emigration of this last in the  first years of the 1920s but the energies and inspiration lasted for at least 10 years, until 1927. Subsequently, of much help to him was Herwarth Walden and his Der Sturm gallery where Mattis Teutsch was given a temporary spiritual home.

Following Walden’s emigration Mattis Teutsch returned to his native town, the then already Roumanian Brasov, where he remained until the end of his life. He worked as an art-teacher, and abandonded painting from the beginning of the 1930s until the end of the IIWW, that is for 12 years.  Later he resumed painting but in a completely new style and with new content reflecting the ideology and demands of the new political regime. Hans Mattis Teutsch died in 1960, in Brasov.

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