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Nicolas Eber: The question of the correct size – Paintings with identical design in different sizes

There exists obviously no theoretically correct or even ideal size for a certain painting. It is matter of the painters judgement in which size to realize his idea for a painting. From ethical respect it is by far not the same whether it is somebody else or the painter of the original painting making a copy of it. Independently of the size of the copy. If the copy is made by the painter of the primary original work, then a potential buyer, believing to acquire a unique original, has to be informed about this circumstance which is obviously influencing the rarity and thereby the value of the painting in question.

From several paintings of Hans Mattis Teutsch, mostly from the mid 1920’s, with respect to composition and colour identical examples of different size are known. There exist practically no doubts that they were executed by himself and therefore in a way original works. With respect tot he question why he was doing that, there exist not many alternatives. They are surprising however nevertheless in the light of his obvious realm of ideas, many-sidedness and efficiency.

This is documented here below by means of seven clear cases originating mostly from the mid 1920’s.

                                                          1. Compositions from 1919

               C:\Users\miki\Documents\@Alter_Desktop\Mattis Teutsch Collection - Kopie\39..jpg               C:\Users\miki\Documents\@Alter_Desktop\Mattis Teutsch Collection\58..jpg

                   a. Oil over cardboard, 25 x 32 cm                             b. Oil over canvas, 49 x 69 cm

                                                      2. Kompositions from 1920 / 23

            C:\Users\miki\Documents\@Alter_Desktop\Mattis Teutsch Collection - Kopie\23..jpg                C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg

               a. Oil over cardboard, 28 x 35 cm                         b. Oil over canvas, 89 x 120 cm

                                                    3. Compositions from 1923

                             C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan88.jpg                   C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan83.jpg

                         a. Oil over cardboard, 35 x 25 cm           b. Oil over canvas, 127 x 90 cm

                                                  4. Compositions from 1923

                    C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg                    C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg

       a. Red disk, oil over cardboard, 100 x 70 cm      b. Red disk, oil over cardboard, 35,5 x 25 cm

                                                      5. Compositions from 1923 – 24

                       C:\Users\miki\Documents\@Alter_Desktop\Mattis Teutsch Collection - Kopie\48..jpg                      C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg

a. Oil over Cardboard, 35 x 25 cm b. Oil over cardboard, 50 x 60 cm

                                                 6. Compositions from 1924

                     C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.G108.jpg                                    C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg

            a. Oil over cardboard, 36 x 29 cm                    b. Oil over cardboard, 99,5 x 70,5 cm

                                                 7. Kompositionen aus 1924 – 25

                     C:\Users\miki\Documents\@Alter_Desktop\Mattis Teutsch Collection - Kopie\63..jpg                                           C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg

      a. The Blue Rider, oil over canvas, 128 x 89 cm     b. The Blue Rider, oil over canvas. 146 x 80 cm

                                                       8. Compositions from 1925

              C:\Users\miki\Documents\@Alter_Desktop\Mattis Teutsch Collection - Kopie\43..jpg                             C:\Users\miki\Desktop\ScanMutter.jpg

a. Mother with child, oil/cardboard, 30 x 25 cm      b.mother with child,, oil / canvas, 60 x 49 cm

                                                     9. Compositions from 1927

                              C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg                     C:\Users\miki\Desktop\Scan.jpg

                    a. Couple. Oil over canvas, 57 x 28 cm        b. Couple. Oil over canvas, 100 x 58 cm

Nicolas Eber / ebnic@sunrise.ch

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